new website


So as you may have noticed I am working on my new site! I'm building new galleries, re-editing old photos, and trying to organize myself. Although finals week just hit and so I feel a bit like this: 


But I am almost done with finals! And what, might you ask will I be doing for Spring Break?

Going to Vancouver! 

But before I leave mid-next week I will be working on my website and BFA thesis project, which I will post a few previews of shortly.

Well, I am off now to finish my final for the Art of Counter-Reformation.

it's looking like spring.

Living in Seattle often means a long cold dark winter, with quite a bit of rain and not nearly enough sun for my California roots. So, when the sun starts shining I start getting more motivated and inspired to create, start and finish projects!


My first project, in hopes that Spring will come just a bit faster, is a new bike (my first bike purchase since a Paul Frank beach cruiser that is still sitting in my parents backyard). I just purchased a new bike, a 1985 Trek 400, that has that awesome oh-so-80's trek logo. The past few weeks I have been cleaning up my new Craigslist purchase and have been learning about the workings and components of a road bike.

Launching a new website! Before I was trying to manipulate an already existing Wordpress theme and it was proving to being a very long and overly complicated venture. My older sister, Allison, just recently switched her website over to Squarespace ( for her jewelry business and it looks so sleek! Plus building a website is so much easier! So, I found myself switching over. I will hopefully be up and running very soon!

I am looking forward to this spring and starting more photo projects, editing the past few years of my life and travels, and graduating!

And so, I invite you to keep checking back and follow me through my adventures and projects on this blog as I graduate from college and begin my life post-education!

© Candace Shankel Photography 2013